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Trusted by some of the most recognizable organizations in the world to keep public spaces safe: workplaces, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, casinos, hotels, museums, places of worship.

We have a strong foundation in US military technologies.  All of our systems have roots in defense technology programs. Together we have almost a decade of experience in development, fielding and monitoring for perimeter and route security in the most challenging regions in the world.

A full suite of security solutions that perform silently with precision and speed. No matter how many people are walking through your doors.

SafePointe Concealed Weapons Detection System

Increase safety for your employees, visistors, and customers by effectively and covertly detecting concealed weapons. No entrance slow-down, no stopping for personal searching. Highly accurate, fast, and interfaces with your security team.

SafePointe Detects elevated body temperature without stopping your customers

Accurate reading of elevated body temperature with screening alerts. The US Military-qualified technology was adapted from a highly accurate high-performance thermal system.

SafePointe Incident detailed management dashboard

Dashboards for real-time incident details, resource availability, and a robust management operations tool. Real-time notifications to the right people minimize impact.

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