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SafePointe Security Systems equal safer communities - schools and hospitals, casinos, corporate locations, museums and places of worship.

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Foundation in Military Technology

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With over a decade of experience, our security solutions and leadership team have roots in US Military and defense technology programs.

State-of-the-art technology for security and threat detection.

Our full suite of security solutions designed to help protect - all with precision and speed.

Concealed Weapon

SafePointe TM2

Covertly identifies weapons at your facility entrances, sendng near real time notifications to your security team.

Temperature Screening System

SafePointe TSS

Accurately detects customers with elevated body temperatures without the need for stationary screenings.

Perimeter Security

SafePoint PSS

Utilizes standard buried fiber optic cable to create a linear array that can detect real-time surface and subsurface disturbances, even at distance

Security Management Dashboard

SafePoint ONE

A robust management operations tool that provides real-time incident details and resource availability.

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"Thank you for your help getting our system installed. Everyone feels safer."

Thanks, SafePointe team - great catch this weekend on an individual entering our facility with a Glock.

This is amazing technology!

SafePointe is a key component to our security program.

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