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The SafePointe Difference

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning

Through our proprietary technology, we’re building the greatest dataset of threat detection cases. Paired with human operators, our AI/ML platform only improves over time. What does this mean for you?

Improved threat detection, everyday

Reduced false alarms over time

Minimal human input required

Flagship Product

Covert Weapons Detection System

SafePointe Targeted Magnetic Moment (TM2)

Optimized for facility entrance threat detection, the TM2 sensor offers an effective covert method for the detection of mass casualty weapons, such as gunsrifles and bombs, on person or in baggage.

How It Works


AI automatically detects weapons


SafePointe Analyst categorizes and assigns a priority level


On site security is alerted

TSS (Temperature Screening System) detects elevated body temperature and provides screening alerts. The US Military-qualified technology was adapted from a high-performance thermal system. The system is optimized for facility or area entrance detection.

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All Other Products

SafePointe PSS

Perimeter Security System

The SafePointe PSS is a covert underground commercial fiber installation that facilitates integration in a wide variety of locations, providing up to 40 kilometers of continuous, all-weather monitoring along designated site perimeters. This product provides real-time identification of surface and subsurface threats to enable specific threat-based responses.

SafePointe TSS

Temperature Screening System

Protecting your customers safety by detecting elevated body temperature with real-time screening alerts. Optimized for facility or area entrance detection.

SafePointe ONE

Security Management Dashboard

A robust management operations tool that provides real-time incident details and resource availability.

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State-of-the-art technology for security and threat detection.

All of our systems have roots in defense technology programs.  The team and systems have almost a decade of experience in development, fielding and monitoring for perimeter and route security in the most challenging regions in the world.

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